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A vendre - Omra septembre 2024

Enjoy comfort at an affordable price during the Mecca and Medina tour from France with Pelerinhajj, your reliable Omra agency for the September 2024 Omra tour with family in France. Discover high-quality comfort while Omra travels in a safe, secure, and kids-family-friendly environment, with bilingual Omra tour guides ensuring a joyful Omra journey. Enjoy proper hotel accommodations and a delicious breakfast included in your package as the prices start from just 1299€, with options for Triple at €1399, Double at €1499, and Individual at €1899. Book your Omra seat today for the September 2024 Omra, we are departing on 14th September 2024 and arrive in France on 23rd September 2024. Network with Pelerinhajj, one of the best Omra tour and travel agencies in France for customized Omra tour packages tailored to your whole family members to make your pilgrimage memorable throughout life.

Prix : 1500 Euros - Prix d'achat neuf : 1500 Euros
Téléphone : 0981108615
Région : Centre
Adresse internet :
Annonce en ligne du : 26/05/2024 au 25/06/2024
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91940 Les Ulis

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